godswraith (godswraith) wrote,

A public posting

I haven't posted publically in a long time, I must have something to say.

Over the past 2-3 weeks, no less than 5 people connected to people I know have commited suicide. The majority of them were young, High School, or fresh out of High School. I am sure there are clear connections, pressure about grades, making life choices, watching people celebrate and not feeling a part of the group.

No matter the reason, I have to wonder what we can do. I am not a professional in this area by any stretch of the imagination, I just work with teens a lot. But I am a believer in one on one intervention, that means rather than just ignoring issues, or saying "wow that kid is messed up", "man they are so depressed and creepy", do something. Listen to them, get them to talk if you can. And if they say they are going to take thier lives, call the police. That intervention will make the ones that are serious see someone cares, and will get them some help. And the ones that are just talking will hopefully realize that words have consequences.

Sometimes however, the crys for help are more subtle, (and sometimes not there at all). Changes in moods, being uncommunicative, staying alone, losing contact with friends, trouble concentrating or making major decisions,sleeplessness, or lots of sleep, fatigue, can all be signs. With teens especially, there is a feeling of worthlessness.

I know I am rambling, sorry about that, I can't put this in words well. Simply put, get involved in a kids life.

And if you need help, advice, or someone to talk to, its jtactor at aol dot com. Same name for IM, whenever you need me.
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