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Spent the evening commiserating with several of my charges who had not been cast in thier High School show. High School politics can often be so unfair, but unfortunately, so can real world politics. There is a fine line between having an 'in" group at a theater company, and just rewarding people who are hard working and loyal. And its a line thats often hard to define, you certainly don't want someone onstage that has no business playing a particular role, but talent being equal, or close, some thought and consideration has to go to a person that has paid thier dues.

But no one said life, especially in the grand game we call the theater, is fair. And I have certainly been miffed when a group that I am new or unknown to has not cast me, but usually the person cast is not even close to the talent level I have (blushes). But if the role goes to someone who is talented and has been with that group for years, that makes a bit mnore sense to me, or it does now that I have a directors/producers perspective.

But anyway, I am fiercely territorial, and get hurt when my kids are hurt. And since I have about 150-200 of them that i mentor in any year, I get hurt a lot!
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