godswraith (godswraith) wrote,

Sleepy from Seattle

Well I am back from that other coast. Good trip, good workshop, but with some flaws. a very disappointing Rapier workshop, basically just learning a simple routine, no real "meat". But a great class on double sticks, which were new to me, a wacked out class on fighting with found weapons, where I fought with a computer keyboard, a broom, a coffee pot, a tennis racket, paint tray, and a plastic bag! Neat class on Western gun drawing and spinning, (HARD ON THE FINGERS), and excellent classes on Broadsword, and broadsword and shield. For the first year of this particular event, i thought it went pretty well.

Now I have a mixed week of 2 historical perfomances, rehearsals, auditions, and finishing up a demo Cd. But compared with most peoples weeks, I'll take it!
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