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Odds and ends

Oh its a sad point to my life when a clean bill of health from my urologist makes me happy. But having lived with nasty nasty kidney stones for most of the last year, I was very pleased to be deemed well again.

Just getting ready to audition the troops tonight. I expect between 50-100, from ages 8 to ancient. If you have never auditioned people you cannot imagine the variety. Just think of American Idol, at its best and worse. but hopefully all will go well, we will get a great cast, and the summer will be fun for all.

Recording last night was great, some really spooky episodes, lots of action and danger. I have listened to the first few episodes, and the effects are great, audio at its best. The whole series will be out in July, and you can download it from Spoken Word, at a buck and episode. I'll put out more details when they are available.
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